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17 mai 2020

Analyse pour mieux comprendre la core update de Google de Mai 2020


An intensive analysis of the May 2020 Google Core Update by MHC - Marie Haynes Consulting

On May 4, 2020 Google announced that they were releasing a core quality update. So far, this is shaping up to be an update with widespread effects, possibly even more impactful than the August 1, 2018 Medic update. We had hoped that the main focus of this update would be to help demote sites that were publishing harmful advice relating to COVID-19.


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10 février 2020

Etude de cas sur les featured snippet


The Power of "Is": A Featured Snippet Case Study

I'm not a literary scholar, but I believe it was Hamlet that said "to have a featured snippet or not to have a featured snippet?" Ever since featured snippets came onto the scene, sites have been trying to secure them. My team and I wanted in on this craze.


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03 novembre 2019

Impact de la MAJ Google Bert


The Google BERT Update Felt Small But Was Big

As you know, I watch the SEO community closely. I also watch Google algorithm update chatter and signals closely. When I was reporting about those Google updates last week, they seemed on the weaker side, but then Google announced BERT rolled out throughout last week and it was a massive update.


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18 août 2019

L'intérêt du scraping avec Oncrawl


3 problèmes SEO qui peuvent être résolus avec du data scraping

Le Data Scraping, ou "l'art" de récupérer des éléments liés à votre analyse dans le code source d'une page, peut s'avérer être une arme puissante dans votre lutte quotidienne pour la qualité de votre site. Rien que ça. OnCrawl vous permet de le faire automatiquement lors de vos crawls.


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10 juin 2019

Nouvelle mise à jour de Google de Juin 2019


Google Rolling Out June 2019 Core Search Ranking Update Tomorrow

Google, in a rare move, pre-announced that they are going to be rolling out a core update tomorrow. They are calling this Google search algorithm ranking update the June 2019 Core Update and sometime tomorrow, Google will be rolling this update out.


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01 mai 2019

Rapport Google Search Console de nouveau opérationnel



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14 mars 2019

Comment utiliser le javascript sur son site sans risque SEO ?


Pourquoi le JavaScript en SEO n'est pas nécessairement un cauchemar ?

Les règles JavaScript permettent de construire des applications modernes, interactives et qui se chargent sans difficulté. Dans de nombreuses situations, c'est un véritable avantage pour les utilisateurs. Cependant, d'un point de vue SEO, le JS peut être perçu comme un cauchemar car beaucoup de personnes ont rencontré quelques péripéties après l'avoir implémenté.


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13 février 2019

Que faire en cas de cannibalisation de mots clés ?


How to Identify and Tackle Keyword Cannibalisation in 2019

If you read the title of this blog and somehow, even only for a second, thought about the iconic movie "The Silence of the Lambs", welcome to the club - you are not alone! Despite the fact that the term " cannibalisation " does not sound very suitable for digital marketing, this core concept has been around for a long time.


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12 janvier 2019

Importants mouvements sur la SERP sur la période du 10 Janvier


A Closer Look into the Google January 2019 Algorithm Update

Last updated on January 10, 2019 at 02:48 pm Google's algorithm updates have always been the talk of the SEO town, with 2018's series of updates bringing in big ranking changes to a variety of different websites. With updates like the Google Medic impacting website content...


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25 décembre 2018

Update de Google du 15 Décembre


Google confirms mid-December search ranking algorithm updates - Search Engine Land

Google has confirmed what many in the search industry have seen over the past week, updates to their algorithm that are significantly shifting rankings in the SERPs. A google spokesperson told Search Engine Land "We released several minor improvements during this timeframe, part of our regular and routine efforts to improve relevancy."


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